Our Mission

We are a mission driven meat and seafood distributor committed to sourcing products that would otherwise go to waste and making sure our customers never have to choose between affordability, quality, and doing right for our planet.

Our Standards

We follow strict standards to ensure the meat and seafood we rescue is humanely sourced and exceptional quality. Whether it be our off-cut steak or seafood portions, broken hot dogs or shrimp, or bacon and deli ends and pieces, you can count on all items we distribute to serve a greater purpose and taste delicious. See below to learn more about our sourcing standards by protein category:



Our seafood products are wild caught and/or sourced under one of these minimum sustainability guidelines:  BAP 2 Star, Global GAP, ASC, MSC.



You can count on our beef to be free of antibiotics, added hormones or growth promotants, and fed a 100% vegetarian diet.



All our poultry products come from animals raised cage free, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and never administered antibiotics – EVER.



Our pork is free of antibiotics and hormones, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and all animals are raised humanely with ample room to roam and free of farrowing or gestation crates.

*  Although we are deeply committed to these sourcing standards, our #1 mission is reducing food waste. Occasionally we may rescue proteins that do not meet these minimum guidelines; any such products would be prominently advertised accordingly.

Our Team

My family has been in the meat industry since my great-grandfather immigrated from Russia to the US in the early 1900’s. For as long as I can remember, I have taken great pride in being a part of an industry that I feel is the heart of American agriculture, but it has always pained me to see the amount of quality meat that goes to waste or ends up severely undervalued. In order to address this, I founded Mission Driven Meat and Seafood along with my father and several other “meathead” partners. I’d love for you to take some time and read the impressive legacies and impacts my partners, their parents, and grandparents have had on this industry. With your help, we hope to solve the inefficiencies of our industry and enrich the businesses of sustainable producers who raise animals humanely and are stewards of the land and sea.


Our Favorite Products

Here are some of our favorite under-appreciated meat and seafood products that typically go to waste:

Our Sustainable Partners

We’re proud to work in the fight against food waste with these incredible partners across the world:

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